Hey, I'm Caleb.

A software engineer based in Portland, OR

I'm passionate about building exceptional digital experiences. Currently, I work as a Full Stack Software Engineer at DEPT® and experiment and do fun things in the web3 space with West Coast NFTs and Unicorn Powered.

Hi, I‘m Caleb White. I am a frontend engineer living in Portland, OR. I enjoy the challenge of building better user digital experiences, balancing simplicity, functionality and accessibility.

The diversity of my professional experience includes nonprofit program leadership, senior retail leadership, omni-channel retail, and freelancing. I leverage the insights gained from all of these roles, which provides me with a unique perspective on challenges facing businesses today. My primary focus is bringing the in-store retail experience online, and propelling businesses to the next level.

I follow atomic design principles for creating DRY components in my projects. Thus creating lean, reusable, and scalable code. I currently focus on Next.js/React and headless e-commerce.

I am available for full-time and freelance work.

Work Experience

    Languages and Tools

    Day-to-day I utilize quite a few tools. Listed below is a sampling of the tools I currently use regularly. This list will be constantly updated as I am strive to continue to build on my skillset.

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    I am currently looking for my next opportunity as a frontend engineer. If you have a full-time position, I would love to connect! If you have any other questions, my inbox is always open.